Upcoming meetings & events

The full set of Darkside meetings is found on INDICO:

The full calendar of events can be reviewed at the same INDICO page and downloaded at:

Link to Darkside docdb (collaborators only): https://darkside-docdb.fnal.gov/

Topical Technical Boards (Inner Detector; Argon; PE; Info) are held monthly on Wednesdays at 4 PM CET. Zoom connection:

Upcoming events:

  • Executive Board (28/10/2022)
  • Collaboration Meeting at GSSI, L’Aquila. 16-18/11/2022. link…
  • UAr Cryogenics FDR 14 & 29/11/2022.
  • AAr Cryogenics FDR 14 & 28/11/2022.