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H. O. BackPNNL TAUP 2017Sudbury, Canada24 Jul 2017PDF
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with underground argon
A. FanUCLAUCLA DM16Los Angeles, CA19 February 2016PDF
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Liquid Argon TPC
Direct WIMP search
Y. SuvorovUCLAICPPA 2015Moscow5-10 October 2015PDF
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a Liquid Argon Target for Dark Matter Particles
N. RossiLNGS17th Lomonosov Conference – ICASMoscow19-26 August 2015PDF
Status and Results of
A. FanUCLADPF 2015Ann Arbor, MI4-8 August 2015PDF
The DarkSide
Dark Matter Search
J. MaricicHawaiiWIN 2015Paris, France29-30 June, 2015PDF
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Large TPCs for Low-Energy rare event detection
Paris, France 15 – 17 December, 2014PDF
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A first walk on the DarkSideS. DaviniHoustonICHEP 2014Valencia2 - 9 July, 2014PDF
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DarkSideC. GalbiatiPrincetonPCTS PrincetonPrinceton 15 October, 2013PDF
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The DarkSide programG. FiorilloINFN Napoli16-th Lomonosov Conference in Moscow organized by Prof. StudenikMoscow22 - 28 August, 2013PDF
The active Neutron Detector for direct Dark Matter searches with the DarkSide-50 experiment at Gran SassoL. PaganiINFN MilanoEPSHEP 2013, 2013 European Physical Society Conference on High Energy PhysicsStockholm18 - 24 July, 2013 PDF Poster
Status of the DarkSide50 ExperimentB. ReinholdHawaiiPATRAS WorkshopMainz 24 - 28 June, 2013PDF
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Enter the DarkSideS. DaviniHoustonRICAP 2013Roma 22 - 24 May, 2013PDF
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Future Direct Dark Matter Searches: An OutlookC. GalbiatiPrincetonWIN09LNGS15 September, 2009PDF


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